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Thursday November 14, 2019
Blue Ridge Georgia Cabin Rentals
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Mountain Top Cabin Rentals is the name, Adventure is the game!


Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams

Picture this.  You drive down a gorgeous gravel country road for several miles, hardwood trees towering above you, shading your drive. You look to the right and suddenly the trees open up into a rolling green pasture where cows are grazing enjoying the sun.  You continue a little further, and hear a creek gurgling in the distance.  You think to yourself, “it couldn’t possibly get any better than this”. . . and then it does.  You enter the parking area to Zipline and Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge and your eyes fall over more towering trees, your ears hear the rushing waters of the legendary Fightingtown Creek and the chirping of the birds, your nose smells the fresh cut grass of the expansive open field, and your face feels the warm touch of the sunlight and the cool breeze of the mountain air. Your excitement and anticipation heightens as you walk up the path to check-in for your ziplining experience.  After you’re checked-in and geared up, you tentatively hike to your first tree top zipline.  Your senses are alive as you take in the massive oak trees, feel the leaves crunching beneath your feet, watch the squirrels scurry after acorns, and smell the fresh scent of the pine trees.  You tentatively climb the first tower to the tree tops listening to your guide wondering what to expect.  Will it be scary?  Will I be able to stop? Will it be tiring?  As all these thoughts swarm through your mind, you realize it’s your turn to go. Heart pounding in your chest, you step to the edge of the tower, allow your guide to hook your harness, close your eyes, and force yourself to step over the edge.  Exhilaration.  Freedom. Weightlessness.   All of these emotions and feeling pass through your body in seconds and you open your eyes.  Laughter.  Joy.  Bliss.  You’re flying, and you’re flying through the tree tops of the North Georgia Mountains without a single care in the world.

Each Spring, nature hosts its own private party in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Ziplining with Zipline and Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge is just one of the remarkable experiences you can have in Blue Ridge in the Spring. You can feel the same exhilaration and freedom riding the rapids of the Ocoee River, soaring over the mountains with Blue Ridge Helicopter Tours, gazing at a falling waterfall, reeling in your first local trout,   skiing across Lake Blue Ridge, tubing down the Toccoa River, and trotting up a mountain trail horseback.

We also have some exciting events coming up in April including the Blue Ridge Mountain Adventure Race on April 13th, U-Pick Strawberries at Mercier Orchards each Saturday, and a new live play titled “Don’t talk to the Actors” at the Blue Ridge Community Theater.  Furthermore, the Swan Drive-In has reopened and is now featuring a brand new digital projection screen. 

Spring brings new life and great adventure to the Blue Ridge Mountains.   We invite you to close your eyes, step over the edge, and experience the exhilaration and freedom a vacation in Blue Ridge can bring you.  If you want to experience a real party, experience Mountain Top Cabin Rentals.

Until next time, may you be always be dreaming of Blue Ridge!

Julia, your local insider of The Blue Ridge Mountains