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Thursday November 14, 2019
Blue Ridge Georgia Cabin Rentals
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Fall Into Blue Ridge!
September 20, 2013

In Blue Ridge, we play in the rain!


"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

I remember looking out the window on a Summer day as a child watching the rain fall and humming, “rain, rain, go away come again another day.”  I longed to be outside riding my bike, playing with the dog, or my favorite activity of finding things to throw at my brother.  But all of that longing for sunshine was before I realized that I could play in the rain and have just as much fun.  The rain made mud puddles for my bike to splash through.  It made my dog do a head to tail shake that made me burst with giggles, and it made perfect mud-balls for me to throw at my brother!

It’s a good thing I learned to enjoy the rain at an early age because this Summer has been one of the rainiest I have ever seen!  It has rained on and off almost every day since the end of May, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from enjoying all of Blue Ridge’s outdoor activities.  Time passes slower in Blue Ridge, and people’s worries just seem to melt away when they embark on a journey down a mountain trail, climb in a tube for a lazy river float, or suit up for a rafting or ziplining adventure.  Suddenly, a little rain just isn’t a problem anymore.  It just adds to the adventure.   It makes the river rapids faster, the waterfalls fuller, and the tree tops greener.  Here in Blue Ridge, we don’t stay inside looking out the window; we play in the rain, and we make it count.

If you haven’t already planned your Summer trip to Blue Ridge, it’s not too late!  Come revive your adventurous spirit with our outdoor activities or relax your mind and soul on our cabin porches.  There are several great events coming up including a Blue Ridge Mountain Triathlon, the Blue Ridge Community Theater’s production of Hallelujah Girls, and U-Pick events at Mercier Apple Orchards.   Channel your inner child, and come play with us- rain or shine!

Until next time, may you be always be dreaming of Blue Ridge!

Julia, your local insider of The Blue Ridge Mountains