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Thursday May 24, 2018
Blue Ridge Georgia Cabin Rentals

Mountain Top Cabin Rentals Check Out

Check Out Instructions


Check out time 11:00 am (Cleaning Staff may arrive to clean the cabin at 11:00 a.m. For each half hour you are late, you   will be charged $25)


Keys - All keys must be returned to our office.  If the office is closed, please drop the keys in the Check out box at our office.  Guests are not considered checked out until the keys have been returned.


o   It is our wish that all of our guests enjoy their stay.  Therefore, we ask that you help us maintain the quality of our properties.


o   Please do the following before departing:


o   Leave cabin in neat order.


o   Leave all used beds unmade, including sofa sleepers and futons.


o   Furniture is not to be moved. This can scratch the floors; wood is very soft and easily scratched.


o   All dishes, pots, pans, etc must be washed and put away for the next guest. If your cabin has a dishwasher you can load the dishwasher and turn it on before you leave.


o   All lights, fans, and appliances should be turned off- especially coffee pots.


o   All garbage must be bagged and placed in the outside cans.  If the garbage exceeds the cans provided, it is the renter’s responsibility to discard.  If any excess garbage is left at the cabin or scattered about the property, you will be charged a minimum of $50 for clean up.

o   If you have any excess garbage please dispose of it at the green dumpster at our office when you check out.


o   Security is a top priority at our cabins.  All doors and windows (including dead bolts) MUST be locked anytime you leave the cabin, and especially upon your departure. Also, if you open the French doors, please make sure you re-engage the pins.   If any door (including dead bolts) or window is found unlocked or open after your departure and the cabin is compromised, you can be held responsible.  We appreciate you helping us keep the cabins safe. 


o   During winter season, please extinguish all fires in fireplaces and make sure safety screens are closed.


o   During winter season, please leave the heat set on 55-60 degrees unless otherwise instructed.


o   During warm seasons, please leave the air set to 80 degrees upon departure.


o   Hot tub cover should be closed, secured properly, and jets turned off.


o   Failure to follow these check-out instructions may result in loss of deposit or a charge to the credit card used to secure the reservation.